Learn to Code

Build skills in Microcontrollers, Electronics and Programming

Targeting STEM educators and makers, our LMS is dedicated to helping you uncover the basic principles of computer architecture and programming using microcontrollers, culminating with the construction and programming of a simple autonomous line following robot.

We Love Arduino®

Attention Educators!

Did you know that Arduino programs ("sketches") are written using the industry-standard C/C++ programming language? The Arduino framework is excellent for teaching embedded system concepts in K-12 and college education. We focus on advanced 32-bit Arduino platforms, such as the NANO 33 IoT.

Internet-of-Things (IoT) Focus

Sensing, Actuation, Connectivity

Courseware and projects are focussed on network-aware sensor/actuator applications, using common protocols and topologies.

Learning Supports

Providing ongoing support to thrive and succeed.

  • Course community discussion boards

  • Live lessons

  • 24/7 access to all courseware. Stream on any device at any time.