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Write code that interacts with the real world!

Targeting Pre-University STEM educators, our Learning Management System (LMS) is dedicated to helping you uncover the basic principles of internet-of-things (IoT), computer architecture and programming using microcontrollers - culminating with the construction and programming of a network-aware line following robot, based on Arduino or Raspberry Pi Pico boards. Challenge your students by entering them into a CETA Robotics Competition!
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CETA Robotic Challenge "Running the Fairway"

An accessible and challenging culminating activity!

Choose an Arduino® NANO 33 IoT, or Raspberry Pi Pico W Based Robot

Our curriculum focuses on secure connectivity, embedded control, and input/output programming in C/C++, using the Arduino IDE. Our robot is based on advanced 32-bit hardware platforms, such as the Arduino NANO 33 IoT, or the Raspberry Pi Pico W.

Content Pillars

Build your curriculum around the following content pillars:

Software Design
C Programming
Microcontrollers and CPUs
Input Output Circuits
Secure Connectivity

Learning Supports

Providing ongoing support to thrive and succeed.

  • Course community discussion boards

  • "Ask an Engineer" live Q/A sessions

  • 24/7 access to all courseware. Stream on any device at any time.