Welcome, Educators & Makers!

Hands-on Arduino® & Embedded Systems Workshops for Groups!


Targeting STEM educators and makers, our service is dedicated to providing workshops that uncover the basic principles of computer architecture and programming using the Arduino® framework, culminating with the construction and programming of a simple autonomous line following robot.

The workshops are developed/taught by practicing engineers, and enable you to dig deeper into the hardware and software abstractions of Arduino. This will help your students get the most out of this platform, and equip them to take their projects further as they pursue postsecondary studies in electrical and computer engineering.

Bare-Metal Hardware

We advocate a breadboard/parts kit approach rather than a pre-assembled PCB for several important reasons:

  • Encourages students to view each electronic component individually, and understand how parts connect to each other to form electronic systems.

  • Develops hardware prototyping and debugging skills in bringing the system to life.

  • Provides ultimate flexibility to modify experiments from semester to semester.

  • Cost effective. Accessible to more students.